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UP-1 Lambda Stylus Polisher


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How To Use
〇Place the tone-arm on the armrest.
〇Hold UP-1 so that the cleaning / brush face is on top.
〇Hold the switch 3-1 or 3-2 of this UP-1 and vibrate the cleaning brush 2 and lightly press it from under the regenerative tension.
〇The cleaning brush 2 vibrates in three-dimensional directions, left and right, front and rear, up and down, and the needle tip is polished at the same time as removing dirt and dust adhering to the stylus tip. The driving time is several seconds to ten seconds.
〇Stain adhering to the root of the stylus will be easier to remove by softening with water or electrolysis water.
〇When finishing, move the cleaning brush downward or forward from the stylus tip and disconnect it .
〇Remove the dust from UP-1 using the separate brush that comes with UP-1.

Cleaning Removal of dirt by three-dimensional vibration
Vibration frequency about 340Hz
Vibration speed about 17cm/sec (axial direction)
about 12cm/sec (perpendicular to the axis)
Battery used LR44 or SR44 or others* (see below)
Drive voltage 1.5V (LR44), 1.55V (SR44)
Weight 45gm
Outside dimension 48(L) x 28(H) x 19mm(D)

TopProductsAccessories > UP-1 Lambda Stylus Polisher