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Sound, it is really a miracle. I often took in sounds having completely different atmosphere through comparison tests of amplifiers and cartridges designed to have similar frequency and distortion each other. Sometime a low power tube amplifier produced more powerful but delicate and vivid sounds than a solid state amplifier supposed to have better response data. Thus, a mystery and esoteric exist in sound, which cannot described only by characteristics data.

Have you ever checked the sound balance between the left and right channels of your phono-cartridge in balance of voluminous sound over bass, mid, treble and entire frequency ranges? Can you recognise respective independent sound from each left and right channel by rotating the balance control knob of your amplifier?

In most cases you might have noticed that on the right channel it tended to be sound balanced to high frequency range side with bright and high pitch tone, whereas the left channel to low frequency with heavy, bold and low pitch tone, just like a 10-year younger singer on the right and 10-year older on the left. Furthermore, I would say neither the right nor the left channel sound keeps the sound balance equivalent to the original sound. You might have also experienced the same phenomena. This indeed happens, although every physical data is equivalent at both channels of an inspected cartridge.

This problem will never be solved as long as development is done for data. I admit that the quality or performance or components used in cartridges have been improved under guidelines based on measured data, for example, from a conical tip to an elliptical, to a line-contact tip, and finally to the ultimate “microridge” stylus, and from an aluminium alloy cantilever to a space age material “boron” and finally to diamond cantilever. All these were to decrease mass and to increase rigidity for wide frequency range and lower distortion rate achievement. But I wonder what kind of measures were taken to improve basical sound territory. Do you agree to this important fact that the left and right channel sounds differ in quality?

Our ZYX Company declares from our past experience that in evaluation of sound we put only about 10% importance on data. The rest 90% portion which should originally be the factor to determine sound have long been researched by us. We studied the causes making differences in sound quality on the left and right channels, and investigated how to improve them to ascertain factors which determine the sound.

We made improvements over 15 items in generator, and succeeded in development of a MC cartridge which does reproduce original stereo sound with a perfect sound balance between the left and right channel; namely having the equivalent keys from the left and right channels to the original keys. Our cartridges are all produced with this ultimate generator system and other mechanical parts made of the best obtainable today to offer the real highest definition sound quality.
TopTechnology > Introduction