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Real Stereo System

In order to eliminate the causes of “time distortion” in a cartridge's generator system, it is necessary to consider not only from the mechanical viewpoint, but also from the electrical viewpoint. After many years of development, We have found 15 points, attention to each of which is vital during the designing of a cartridge, if “time distortion” is to be avoided. For both MC and MM cartridges, 15 vital design points apply, however they are not the same in each case.

Only in our ZYX series have these points been correctly identified and attended to, and thus only the ZYX series can playback REAL STEREO. The 15 vital design points for a MC cartridge are as follows.

  • Magnetic pole direction
  • Coil winding direction
  • Coil winding method
  • Prevention of dynamic induced current in the coil bobbin
  • Prevention of dynamic induced current in the magnetic circuit
  • Method of prevention of dynamic induced current
  • Prevention of dynamic induced magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit
  • Grounding of coil bobbin (yes or no and method therof)
  • Grounding of yokes (yes or no and method thereof)
  • Grounding of magnet (yes or no and method thereof)
  • Siting of output terminals
  • Case material (metallic or non-metallic)
  • Grounding of case (yes or no and method thereof)
  • Electrical connection between cartridge case and headshell
  • Direction of wire drawing
  • (presently 7 patents are pending)

Let us consider the coil winding method, item 3. The normal method used is shown in Fig. 1. It is mechanically symmetrical around a vertical axis, however electrically it is asymmetrical, as a vertical movement produces left and right channel signals that are in anti-phase. The method used in the R-1000 is shown in Fig. 2 and is far superior.
The winding is electrically symmetrical around the horizontal axis, as the signals in each channel are in-phase with each other. This symmetry is more easily understand if we consider how the two methods of winding would be connected for monaural. Conventional and R-1000 coils are shown monaurally connected in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 respectively. Note with the R-1000 coil, how the wires do not cross over each other, thus avoiding any coupling effects.


TopTechnology > Real Stereo System