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Supplement of 【About Sound Element】

Time passes at a constant speed without stopping. And music is exactly the time information itself. Further time axis components in the musical factors have important relations with sound quality of respective audio system.
Joy and profoundness of audio is to cross-examine the time factor. Clear recovery of the time will reproduce clear sound.

Is it a proper disposal to devide time axis of audio electrical signals to approximately 40,000 bits a second in such holy time territory, being too much intent on converting audio into digital codes? This idea neglects the natures (three dimentional information having X-, Y-, and Z- components) of sound, if various characteristic (in the data territory expressed only by X and Y components) are judged equivalent when the artificial digital signals are concerned back to analog signals. Time axis (Z-axis) of digital audio is reproduced by an array of time pieces divided, while time should not be counted like 1,2,3... by its nature.

Furthermore, it should be noted that each digital code divided on a constant time base contains simply two dimentional information (X,Y) (y component averaged within a divided time) because the time axis Z is being held. This terrible fact! As aforementioned, it just contains similar information components like color, and sound native to each musical instrument mutually intermingles each other only to be diversified to different sounds. Diversified sound, which has never existed in the world of nature, is abnormal and one of revenges against human who behaved against provision of nature.
Digitally coded music is formed when converted back to false analog audio by sequentially linking the diversified sounds. When a music is played by a single performer, such diversified sound will never be produced. But in majority of music sound reproduction, such evil naturally occurs. Many of Europe and America made high end speaker systems do not reproduce stereophonic sphere such as being wrapped peculiar to omni directivity, but concentrate sound image to be center between the left and right speakers when digital audio is played through generally used omni directional speakers. And we hear more complaints about digital sound quality such as no softness, hard, metallic, dull, rough, lack of atmosphere, harsh, week rise, etc, all these are derived from the quality changed sound due to compound. Won't a listener, especially a youngster whose brain should still grow, be affected by such unnatural deteriorated sound?

More than 100 years have passed since Thomas Edison invented sound recording. We may not be able to swim against the stream of time when music reproduction has been realized by simplifying through digitalization of sound which had been quite difficult by the technology of previous times. however, after all, digital simply means codes.
We need to understand again the greatness of Edison now. Really high technology has to be freely used to in pursuit of quality of three dimentional sound factors without profaning a holy territory of time. We need to rise above time, otherwise we will take longer time to finish and appreciate the journey.

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