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CPP-1 v2 Pre-pre Amplifier



wiring(click:big picture)

Input Resistors made by ZYX
The input resistor of pre-pre amp is very important part. It is the first load of the generated signal of MC cartridges. The minute signals should go into the resistor without any influences from resistor noise and inductance. So that we recommend the resistor made of pure copper wire. Ideally the copper is the same material as the coil wire of MC cartridge. CPP-1 v2 uses world first Cryogenically Purified Chrystal Copper Wire which is the same one as the coil wire of our R-1000 series X type. The resistor is made by winding the wire to a coil that has no inductance in a special process. Then our resistor can transfer the output signals with no noise and no inductance at all. You will listen the effect in the pure sound of CPP-1 v2.

100% playback circuit
In order to playback the sound information of MC cartridge in 100% fidelity, CPP-1 v2 has a special circuit in the simplest amplification circuit. Normally each electric part has its own time domain, and it gives unballanced sound in result. So ZYX had to correct these each time domain to the perfect time domain by applying our own circuit. For example, we never use all resistors and capacitors with normal way. (patent pending)

Noise-less Power Supply
CPP-1 v2 works with 9 pcs of NiMH batteries in order to avoid normal power circuit noises. So the minute signal of MC cartridge can be clearly amplified in the circuit.

Low Noise Charge Circuit
You can listen music in any time. Normally you use CPP-1 v2 in battery power supply during several hours, but you can use CPP-1 v2 at charging time too by its extremely low noise power supply.

Electrically Skeleton Wooden Box
A metalic shield box makes the sound signals disturb by some eddy currents occured on the shield surfaces. So CPP-1 v2 has no metallic surface around the curcuit diagram. It will enable you to listen the effect in the fastest response in the sound of MC cartridge.

Technical Data
Input Impedance 100Ω
Gain 26dB
Signal-to-Noise ratio 95dB
THD <0.1%(1kHz)
Frequency Response 2Hz - 500kHz±1dB (liner)
RIAA character ±0.2dB (20Hz~20kHz)
Channel Balance 0db adjusted (1kHz)
Channel Separation >100dB (1kHz)
Power consumption 0.8W
Battery 9 pcs of NiMH 200AAH (1.2V 2000mAh)
AC Adapter Input: 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.3A
Output: DC 12V 1A
Dimensions(W×H×D) 118×59×170mm
Net Weight 560gm
Finish Gold
TopProductsPhonostage Amplifier > CPP-1 v2