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Moving Coil Cartridge

PC3D - Real-time Phono Cable -


Common features of ZYX Prime Cables:

1. Faithful production of sound quality with no distortion of the original timeline input.
An audio cable has a circulating line with using two signal lines. Circulating lines connected at both input and output loads should have the same and the best electrical character at any position, without damaging the time domain of sound signals by the wrong transference character as the distortion. A sound by time distortion in the cable for connecting the individual components of a stereo system cannot demonstrate the performance of each component.
Cable offers three series of Prime 3D completely solve these conventional problems, while demonstrating the performance of the component to provide the faithful with the sound quality of the original input to the speaker in the last stage.

2. Maintaining high quality performance due to surface treatment of copper wire inside.
This cable can be compatible with any component, performance permanently due to surface treatment of copper wire inside also.

3. ZYX proprietary structure for transmitting information correctly - the time axis of the world's first sound.
This correctly delivers the sound information of the time axis for the cable. There is no direction which side is input or output in connecting the plugs. The world's first; this method of producing cable is our know how.

4. Play the sound of true high speed and dynamic over the wide range.
Records in the analog recording, you can enjoy the stereo audio experience, a true 3D sound with a feeling of depth, further breadth, dynamic sound with fast response. Since the time distortion of the transmission system is eliminated, the playback of digital recording source (CD, LP) of will be able to enjoy a more natural sound, with a sense of presence and smoothness.
ZYX has successfully solved the cause of distorted time in audio cables based our long-term R&D.
Here is a line cable which can greatly transmit three factors of sounds; X-axis (frequency), Y-axis (amplitude), and Z-axis (time). The cables transmits sound signals played through REAL SOUND, specialized ZYX MC Cartridge consisted of the components of each cable, the components which were perfectly created for the first time in the world. Wish you enjoy this ultimately real sound.


1. The cable offers an input sound quality which is not distorted through time
Distorted sound through time via cables which connect cables between components of a stereo system will decrease the quality of each component. Our three kinds of Prime 3D cables resolve the problem perfectly and provide the input soundstage directly through a speaker.

2. ZYX cables keep the qualification mostly permanently through processing copper lines internally
Our cables can be adopted to any component and keep its qualification mostly permanently

3. Developed structure by ZYX, the structure which was created to transmit information of 'time of sound', invented in the world for the first time.
The three kinds of cables themselves have no direction at input and output in connecting the plugs. We developed to transmit information of 'time of sound' accurately. This structure is developed for the first time in the world.

4. The cable offers dynamic sounds which cover a wide range very fast
You can enjoy wide ranged of deep stereo sounds through quick responses of analog records. Also, you can feel more natural and smooth sounds of LP/CD and digital sources because there is no distorted time in played-back transmission.

Technical Data
Structure Coaxial Single Conductor, High Impedance
Conductor 20 AWG(0.51mmSQ), Stranding 26x34, High Conductivity Tinned Copper
Insulation Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber 0.117 in. (2.97mm)
Outer Shield Conductive Textile, Tinned Coppoer, Paper
Outer Jacket Neoprene 0.236 in. (5.97mm)
Capacitance Conductor to Shield 45pF/ft (147pF/m)
Conductor DC Resistance 10.2 ohm/1000ft, (0.033 ohm/m)
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance 11.5 ohm/1000ft, (0.037 ohm/m)
Input Connector Straight Line, DIN 5 Pins Gold Plated Terminals Right-angled Line, DIN 5 Pins Gold Plated Terminals
Output Connectors RCA Gold Plated Terminals
Recommended Cable Length 0.7m ~ 1.5m
※all cables are treated with our special break-In process.