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ZYX Ring

zyx ring
ZYX Ring



A phono cartridge generates electromotive force in proportion to the speed of oscillation cantilever. In other words, a phono cartridge output is the relative conversion of positions of a phono stylus on the cantilever tip and the fulcrum that supports a cantilever. Accordingly, when the cantilever fulcrum unsteadily moves by an action from other parts, precise reproduction of sound is impossible.

Analog reproduction is conducted through a mechanism where a cantilever fulcrum is supported by a cartridge body which is supported by a tone arm via a headshell. A plug-in type tonearm has its origin in SME and established itself worldwide as a standard type. It is easy to replace a cartridge and clean the tip by removing the headshell from the arm. It is also possible to use ZYX Live-18 headshell featuring anti-vibration system for sonical reason with such an excellent arm.

For a plug-in type tonearm to operate for sure, its plug-in mechanism must be perfectly designed to be free of looseness and backlash. If its joint section has backlash, the above mentioned fulcrum cannot maintain its position where it should be.

ome headhshells of an early date had the joint arranged with a rubber ring to reduce backlash when interlocked. They apparently look having good connection, but in fact rubber material is like air. Rubber stiffness is effective up to around 100Hz. Recently, headshells without rubber ring are popular. Metal contact of this type improved sound by directly connecting to a metal contact of a tonearm as widely known. ZYX also took this method in development of cartridges. However, we experienced that it sometime created subtle looseness.

In the worst case of interlock between inelastic metals, plane contact is not established but press contact at one point only, so the contact point may be loosened by external vibration or impact. Since the plug-in section is affected by the audio vibration from the cartridge ahead and low frequency resonance indigenous to the backward tonearm, a plug-in type having surface contact loses its retention force as the time passes by, resulting in shaking of the headshell from right to left or up and down and becomes easy to oscillate.

In order to draw 100% capability of a cartridge, we cannot overlook how the plug-in interlock status is. ZYX Ring has been designed to positively give ideal 3-point support to the connection between metal parts. This has completely solved plug-in connection problem, so that a headshell maintains stablized interlock forever being perfectly supported with minute force to a tonearm. World first system, ZYX Ring, can make you sense every music information grooved in an analog record. Especially resolution and power feeling in deep bass range and bell clear sound of mid and high range will stun you.


○ World first 3-point support type ring for sturdy and secure plug-in connection of an arm to be free from loosening of a headshell and oscillation.

○ Rigid stainless steel rods for 3-point support section and non magnetic metal ring to retain it, being free from electromagnetic induction.

○ Weighs only 0.5 gram, installable with any type of headshell.

Technical Data
3 supporting rods Stainless steel φ0.3mm
Inner diameter supported by 3 rodst φ8.05mm
Ring Bs Gold plated
Inner diameter of Ring φ13mm
Outer diameter of Ring φ15.5mm
Thickness of Ring 1.2mm

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