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R1000 Airy3 Cosmos


The R-1000 Airy3 series have “REAL STEREO” generator system that gives us the perfect balanced sound at both channels by applying up-to-date method to eliminate “time distortion” in the magnetic circuit. Airy3 is newly developed in Y2004 in order to realize the freedom sound in Airy2 series.
R-1000 series is our highest grade models and has revolutionary magnetic circuit treated with newly developed cryogenic process.
You will enjoy 3-dimensional Airy sound presence and vivid sound images you have never experienced. That is our goal, where the sound has actually lively performance of Analog music.

“REAL STEREO” Generator System
world's first 15 vital design points as our know-hows

World First Cryogenically Treated Magnetic Circuit
The cryogenic temperature is -196℃ (-320°F) that is the lowest temperature among other commercial cryogenic methods. Under this lowest temperature, the metal parts come to be purified for regularizing the molecular structure to the original state.

Pure Silver Wire Generator Coils
R-1000 Airy3 S use cryogenically treated 5-N silve wire made in USA. It can easily make the sound to extend high range and be transparent mid and low range.

6N Crystallized Copper Wire Generator Coils
R-1000 Airy3 X type use cryogenically treated giant crystal copper wire for the first time in the world. You will find a new sound world never expected.

The Most Superior Cantilever
Airy3 series uses an ideal Boron Solid Cantilever. which creates a cantilever of the lowest mass, the highest rigidity and the fastest response to the most dynamic.

Technical Data
(red letters : XH, SH, GH High output Model)
Type Moving Coil (Dynamic)
“REAL STEREO” Generator System
Cryogenic Treatment Temperature: -196 ℃ (-320°F)
Output Voltage 0.24mV (0.48mV) (3.54cm/sec, 1kHz)
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 100 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Channel Separation > 30dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Channel Balance < 0.5dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Recommended Tracking Force 2.0gm 〔 20 ゜C-25 ゜C 〕
Tracking Force Range 1.7gm - 3.0gm
Trackablity > 60μm
EQ Compliancehorizontal
Internal Impedance 4.0 Ω (8.0 Ω)
Load Impedance > 100Ω
Coil WireX type
 S type
 G type
6N Crystal Copper φ.035mm/CRYO
5N Silver φ 0.035mm/CRYO
24 Gold φ0.035mm/CRYO
Cantilever Material Boron solid φ 0.30mm
Stylus Micro-Ridge Solid Diamond 0.07mm
Contact Radius, Life Time 3μm×60μm, 2000Hour/2.0gm
Output Terminals φ1.25mm gold plated 〔 EIA 〕
Terminal Board Glass Epoxy Plate
Dimensions W (Width) : 13.8mm
L (Length) Body / with Terminals : 19.0mm / 23.0mm
H (Height) : 15.0mm
Net Weight 3.0gm
7.0gm(SB attached)
TopProducts > Moving Coil Cartridge > R1000 Series > R1000 Airy3 Cosmos