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R50 Bloom2

r50 2

R50 Bloom2 use the magnetic circuit of R1000 Airy3 to R50 Bloom.

Technical Data
(red letters : High output Model)
Type Moving Coil (Dynamic)
“REAL STEREO” Generator System
Output Voltage 0.24mV (0.48mV) (3.54cm/sec, 1kHz)
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 40 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Channel Separation > 25dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Channel Balance < 0.5dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Recommended Tracking Force 2.0gm 〔 20 ゜C-25 ゜C 〕
Tracking Force Range 1.7gm - 3.0gm
Trackablity > 60μm
EQ Compliancehorizontal
Internal Impedance 4.0 Ω (8.0 Ω)
Load Impedance > 100Ω
Coil Wire 6N Copper Wire φ0.03mm
Cantilever Material black ALM g5 tube φ0.38/ φ0.3mm
Stylus Line-contact Solid Diamond □ 0.1mm
Contact Radius, Life Time 6μm×60μm, 2000Hour/2.0gm
Output Terminals φ1.25mm gold plated 〔 EIA 〕
Terminal Board Glass Epoxy Plate
Dimensions W (Width) : 16.3mm
L (Length) Body / with Terminals : 19.6mm / 23.5mm
H (Height) : 15.5mm
Net Weight 5.0gm

TopProducts > Moving Coil Cartridge > > R50 Bloom2